• POLLENS & Friends/ Acapella at Saint Mark's Cathedral

    Last night I was honored to join one of my favorite bands in Seattle, Pollens, as part of the latest installment of CATHEDRALS at Saint Mark's. We practiced the week beforehand, arranging everyone's voices into a pleasing texture, and even had an epic session in the I-90 bike tunnel here in the city, immersing ourselves in a more grandious reverb. The night was pure spiritual ecstasy. Give it a listen above.


    Hey folks! Come join us this Wednesday, December 11th at the Crocodile. We're opening for 3 of our FAVORITE bands in the city, and that always makes for an amazing show. See you there.

  • Thanks Tacoma!

    We had a great time performing at The Warehouse's Conservatory series in Tacoma. Thanks for coming out and watching us play in the gorgeous greenery.

  • Vocals/

    Chipping away at vocals for Do It My Love.

  • Recording

    Recording Do It My Love.

  • Waxahatchee

    Tenderfoot plays Porchlight, featuring tiny rad pocket knives.