"Heart-wrenching..."  -Emily Nokes, THE STRANGER

"Gorgeous songs, simple and elegant and direct..."  -Jonathan Zwickel, CITYARTS MAGAZINE

"Atmospheric storytelling..."   -Sean M. Johnson, THE GRATEFUL GRAPEFRUIT

"Distinctively charming..."  - Katie Stewart, SAD MAG 

Tenderfoot, a dream-folk band based in Seattle, WA, started out as a solo project on the highways and back roads of the US.

Songwriter Adam Kendall Woods lived on the road for a year in a refurbished camper trailer making ends meet flipping vintage furniture, selling art, and designing projects for friends. Playing at small bars and house shows across the country, Adam began to craft what would be the band's first tunes. 

After a heart-wrenching year on the road, and a short stint in San Francisco, Adam found his way to the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle, Adam dove into the city's diverse music scene, meeting Jude Miqueli (drums), Gabriel Molinaro (keys), and Darcey Zoller (strings) to complete the band's sound. With an unabashedly romantic, experimental approach to songwriting and the lush dynamics of a full band, Tenderfoot started to create their own unique and potent emotional landscapes.

Seattle has embraced Tenderfoot over the years with features in The Stranger, City Arts Magazine and a live performance on KEXP. International music blogs such as SAD MAG and Grateful Grapefruit have also taken note. A new LP is due 2017, and finds Tenderfoot again pushing the boundaries of their sound.